Utilities and Government Offices



Charter Cable, (888) 438-2427
Knology, (334) 356-1000
Time Warner Cable, (334) 567-4344


Prattville Water Service: No deposit is required, but a $10 service fee is charged. Customers need to provide current and previous addresses, information on prior service and Social Security numbers. Call (334) 365-6783.

Wetumpka Water Service: A minimum $40 deposit is required. Sewage charges are based on a percentage of the water bill. Call (334) 567-8404. The office is at 2909 Elmore Road.

Montgomery Water Works: A $100 deposit is required with current and previous addresses, Social Security number and other details. Payment can be made by check, but it must be brought by the office at 22 Bibb St. Call (334) 206-1600.

Garbage Collection

Montgomery Sanitation Department: Containers for household garbage are serviced twice per week, either on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday, depending on the route. Call (334) 241-2750 for your route’s specific day. Curbside trash is picked up Monday through Friday, and recycling bags are picked up one day per week, depending on the route. Call to request orange bags for recyclables.

Prattville Sanitation Department: Containers for household garbage are serviced on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with each resident getting a garbage pickup twice per week. Garbage is picked up each Wednesday at businesses. Curbside trash is picked up once per week. There is no recycling program. Call (334) 361-3611 for more information.

Wetumpka Street Department: For details on garbage and trash pickup, call (334) 567-1328.

Tri-county pick-up: BFI of Montgomery, (334) 834-5580; Waste Management, (334) 265-8542; and WasteAway, (334) 613-3897, serve some outlying areas of Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery counties.

Natural Gas

Alabama Gas Corporation: Provide mailing address, street address, home and work phone numbers, Social Security number. In Montgomery, call (334) 263-2341

Electric Companies

Alabama Power Company: (334) 223-5000
Central Alabama Electric Cooperative: (800) 545-5735
Dixie Electric Cooperative: (334) 288-1163


    County government services have offices spread around their respective counties. Below are phone numbers for some of the key county agencies in Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery counties.

    Extension office: (334) 361-7273
    Juvenile Court: (334) 361-3715
    District attorney: (334) 361-5715
    District Court clerk: (334) 361-3736
    Circuit Court clerk: (334) 361-3737
    Health Department: (334) 361-3743
    Hunting, fishing, boat licenses: (334) 361-3729
    Driver’s license: (334) 361-3729
    Business license: (334) 361-3731

    Juvenile Court: (334) 567-1128
    District attorney: (334) 567-2237
    District Court clerk: (334) 567-1153
    Circuit Court clerk: (334) 567-1123
    Health Department: (334) 567-1172
    Hunting, fishing, boat licenses: (334) 567-1141
    Driver’s license: (334) 567-1142

    Extension office: (334) 832-0233
    Juvenile Court: (334) 261-4100
    District attorney: (334) 832-2250
    District Court clerk: (334) 832-1351
    Circuit Court clerk: (334) 832-1261
    Health Department: (334) 293-6400
    Hunting, fishing, boat licenses: (334) 832-1231
    Driver’s license: (334) 832-1231
    Business license: (334) 832-1248


    The Social Security Administration has two locations in Montgomery County. For general information and services, visit SSA offices at 2450 Presidents Drive or call (334) 223-7183. The SSA office for hearings and appeals is located at 770 S. McDonough St. and the phone number is (334) 223-7503.


    There is no length-of-residence requirement to vote in Montgomery, Autauga, or Elmore counties. If any person has a valid driver’s license and an address, he or she can register at:

    Montgomery County: The County Administration Building, 100 S. Lawrence St., any public library or probate office. Call (334) 832-1215 for more information.

    Autauga County: The county courthouse in Prattville, the probate office or any public library. Call (334) 361-3713.
    Elmore County: The county courthouse in Wetumpka, the probate office or any public library. Call (334) 567-1150.


    Couples who want to get married in Montgomery must go to the Montgomery County Administration Building, 100 S. Lawrence St., to get a marriage license.

    They will need a picture identification and $40 for the fee. There is no waiting period, but they must get married within 30 days of obtaining the license. If one of the persons has had a divorce within the last six months, that person must show a copy of the divorce papers. If either of the couple is under 18 years of age, both parents must be present to sign a consent form. For more information on marriage licenses, please call (334) 834-1235.
    Couples wishing to get married in Autauga and Elmore counties will follow similar procedures. For information, call Autauga County at (334) 361-3732 or Elmore County at (334) 567-1143.


    Property owners in Alabama pay some of the lowest property taxes in the nation.

    Montgomery property owners pay taxes based on a percentage of the appraised value of the property.

    Homeowners who claim a homestead exemption pay 10 percent of the appraised value. Owners of commercial property pay 20 percent. The homestead exemption also allows the owner to deduct $41 from the annual tax bill.

    The tax rate is called a millage. A mill is one-tenth of a cent. Private property owners in the city pay 34.5 mills. Owners in unincorporated parts of the county pay 24.5 mills.

    A Montgomery homeowner with a home valued at $100,000 who claims a homestead exemption would pay $304 each year.

    The county collects 2.5 mills for volunteer fire departments if the property is outside the city limits.

    For more information on property taxes, contact the Montgomery County Revenue Commissioner at (334) 832-1220.

    Here are the property taxes for other tri-county areas:

    Wetumpka: 5 mills
    Tallassee: no property tax
    Autauga County: 21 mills
    Autaugaville rate: 21 mills
    Billingsley rate: 31 mills
    Prattville: 28 mills
    Millbrook: 27 mills


    Current sales tax by city and county (Add 4 percent for the state):

    Autauga County: 2 percent
    Prattville: 2.5 percent
    Total: 8.5 percent

    Elmore County: 1 percent
    Wetumpka: 3 percent
    Total: 8 percent
    Montgomery County: 1.5 percent
    Montgomery: 2.5 percent
    Total: 8 percent


    Following is a list of the primary state taxes levied in Alabama:

    The state’s top income tax rate is 5 percent on taxable income of more than $3,000 for an individual or $6,000 for a married couple filing jointly.

    For ad valorem tax, or property tax, the state rate is 6.5 mills. A mill is $1 per $1,000 of assessed value.

    Assessment rates vary according to the type of property. Residential, agricultural and forest property is assessed at 10 percent of appraised value. Personal vehicles are assessed at 15 percent.

    Taxes on boats vary according to the size of the vessel, starting at $11 for boats under 16 feet in length. For boats 16 to 26 feet, it’s $15; for boats 26 to 40 feet, it’s $30.

    The state cigarette tax is 16.5 cents per pack.

    The privilege tax, or fee, for a driver’s license is $25.

    The state tax on gasoline is 16 cents per gallon.

    The state sales tax on purchases of most personal property is 4 percent. Prescription medicines are exempted.

    The state sales tax on automobiles is 2 percent.

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